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"Colorado" novel excerpt published in Annalemma, #3

"She hired me to shovel snow but when the waiter from Argentina never showed I was rotated into the waiting staff, two days busing, four days waiting, with Tuesdays off. First one on the lift, I'd ski behind ski patrol to The Lodge, brew the coffee, get the fireplaces going, take a little nap in a rocking chair, then start to shovel as sunlight ripped through the mountains. The solitude was awesome. Life was no bigger than the drip of an icicle, the call of a kingfisher, the shape of a snowflake."

This was my first big publication in a print literary journal, and the second excerpt published from my first novel, "Home." Another excerpt, "The Tiffany Prospect," got optioned and made into a short film by a grad student at Columbia College Chicago.

Loved the artwork in Annalemma, the high quality color art and photography, the overall design sense of editor and publisher Chris Heavener.

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