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Editorial Services

Word nerd. Communicator. Storyteller.


With over 15 years working in the world of words as a writer and editor, I have developed and executed hundreds of diverse projects for myriad clients. As a copy editor skilled in both AP Style in my years at the Chicago Tribune, as well as editing award-winning anthologies at Columbia College Chicago using Chicago Manual of Style, I prefer the Oxford comma. 

I have developed training manuals, mailers, brochures, catalogs, databases, business-to-business articles, style guides; I have edited authors' novels, copy edited and proofread anthologies, and ensured that the printed and pixaleted word is clear, concise, and grammatically accurate. Most importantly, my work as an editor and writer ensures the intent of any communication between all parties is clear.  


From epic novels to SEO headlines, I have developed hundreds of products, such as launching the literary section at Chicago Artists Resources to handling marketing at a local realty office. Top clients beyond traditional media include Vivaki, @properties, Columbia College Chicago. 


Storytelling is the most effective way to communicate what you want people to hear. It can turn the mundane into the marvelous. Let me tell you a story...

copy editing

From proofreading to wholesale rewrites, I can clean up your message to its clearest state. Work samples range from B2B brochures to published novels. 


What is your project and who is your audience? How do you expect to engage and sustain that audience? Let's identify the who, what, when, where, how, and most importantly, why. 


"Robert is a consummate professional and an outstanding writer. He communicates effectively with editors and the sources for stories. I truly wish all freelance writers were as talented and organized as Robert. I would work with him again in any capacity."

Beth Dugan, editor

"Robert is a quick study on technical topics but keeps his focus on the reader. He's prodigious on deadline yet concerned about craft, with good instincts for asking the right questions, gathering salient facts and drawing his own conclusions. Plus he's ready to deploy cellphone apps, spreadsheets or doughnuts."

Stephen Rynkiewicz, manager

Editorial Clients:

Creative Writing Department, Columbia College Chicago

Chicago Artists Resource

Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Not For Tourists

Get Burbed, a division of @properties

Beth Dugan, editor

Jesse Jordan, author

Hair Trigger, a student anthology

Guerrero & Howe


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